Acta Oeconomica Pragensia
Acta Oeconomica Pragensia
Acta Oeconomica Pragensia
Journal of Central and Eastern European Economic and Management Issues

Aims and Scope

Acta Oeconomica Pragensia (Print ISSN 0572-3043, Online ISSN 1804-2112) is the peer-reviewed journal of the Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague, which publishes the results of applied research in the field of economics and management. Since 2018, the regional focus of the journals has been narrowed down to Central and Eastern European countries including the Visegrad Group, the Baltic States, the Balkan Peninsula, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

The main section features reviewed articles covering both qualitative and quantitative research methods including contributions demonstrating the use of exact methods to support the decision-making of various economic subjects. Other sections feature topical expert information, information from conferences and scientific meetings, and reviews of professional publications.

The journal has historically covered all key topics dealt with by the Faculty of Management, University of Economics, Prague. Since 2015, the journal has been published by the Faculty management, University of Economics, Prague. The primary and subtopics of the journal include:

  • Management: Management covers issues on management science, marketing, organization studies, strategic planning and decision-making methods, leadership studies, and total quality management.
  • Economics: Economics covers issues on all aspects, both theoretical and applied, of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. These include both generalist and specialist issues, such as political economy, behavioural economy, agricultural economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, trade, and planning.

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