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The University of Economics in Prague and AXA signed a Partnership Agreement

10. 5. 2017 - The Rector of the University of Economics, Prague, Prof. Hana Machková, and Robert Gauci, Chieff Executive Officer at AXA Czech Republic & Slovakia, signed a Partnership Agreement today. The agreement shall provide for lectures by AXA specialists at the university who will be meeting the students on regular basis. The partnership will also give the students of the school an opportunity to gain valuable experience through student internships at AXA.

“We are thrilled to becoming partners with the largest business university in the Czech Republic. We are very pleased that the successful partnership with the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Economics, Prague, which we established last year by founding of the Centre for Research and Prevention of Financial Risks, will now grow into a full-scale cooperation with the university. As part of our partnership with the University of Economics in Prague, we will be holding specialized lectures for its students. We will also sponsor and guarantee dissertations and theses and finally we will provide highly demanded internships for students. During these internships, the students will gain a realistic view of the life of one of the largest financial institutions in the world,” says Robert Gauci, the CEO of AXA CZ/SK.

The cooperation between AXA and the University of Economics, Prague, or more precisely its Faculty of Business Administration, started in fall of 2016 with the foundation of the Centre for Research and Prevention of Financial Risks. Its mission is to research and raise awareness about personal financial risks and methods of limitations in the Czech Republic. Activities of the Centre are based on the practical prowess of AXA and theoretical knowledge of academic members from the University of Economics in Prague. In addition to research and awareness initiatives, the Centre will also be aiming at carrying out social experiments. AXA’s and the Faculty of Business Administration’s pilot project was to study the financial literacy of its freshmen students, particularly the student’s perception of risks which they are willing to purchase insurance against, and what coverage they would like to get for their old age.

With today’s signing, AXA becomes a partner of the entire University of Economics in Prague. The Rector of the University of Economics in Prague adds: “AXA is a leading company in the global insurance market and stands as one of the largest French enterprises. The goal of the University of Economics in Prague is to collaborate with the top institutions in their respective fields, hence giving its students opportunities to gain the most recent practical knowledge. What is special about our partnership with AXA, are the research projects which have already been realized at the Faculty of Business Administration. I am glad that the board of AXA has decided to extend its partnership to the entire University of Economics in Prague after its experience with previous cooperation. Today, we are becoming partners mainly because AXA finds talented students and future employees at our school.”

AXA operates in 64 countries from all around the globe, employs more than 160 000 and has over 100 million clients in total. In the Czech Republic, AXA’s main fields of focus are pension, life, property and casualty insurance, building savings, and credit card issuance.