European Financial and Accounting Journal
European Financial and Accounting Journal
European Financial and Accounting Journal
Faculty of Finance and Accounting, University of Economics, Prague

European Financial and Accounting Journal 2016/3

Relationship between Liquidity and Profitability: Empirical Study from the Czech Republic


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Jan Svitlík, Lukáš Poutník

The paper deals with relationship between liquidity and profitability ratios in the Czech Republic to investigate whether there exists correlation (a) within selected liquidity ratios and (b) selected liquidity ratios and selected profitability ratio in the Czech Republic during the period 2003-2013. Empirical data from Bureau van Dijk, Amadeus database were analysed from the point of both time-series and cross-sectional analysis. The main findings of the paper are that correlation within selected liquidity ratios is fairly strong while correlation between selected liquidity ratios and selected profitability ratio is relatively weak.

Keywords: Czech Republic, Empirical study, Liquidity, Profitability

JEL Classification: G30, M41


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