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Faculty of Business Administration

Faculty Officials

Dean Prof. Ing. Jaromír Veber, CSc.
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Doc. Ing. Hana Mikovcová, Ph.D.
Vice Dean for Science and Research Prof. Ing. Ivan Nový, CSc.
Vice Dean for International Relations and Public Relations Doc. Ing. Helena Sedláčková, CSc.
Faculty Administrator Bc. Martina Poláchová
Student Affairs Administrator Bc. Michal Krippel

The chief goal of the Faculty of Business Administration is to train qualified university-educated professionals preparing to carry out various economic and managerial professional activities in the business sphere. The Faculty focuses on knowledge of the broad field of business administration requiring a single main subject of study, which may then be supplemented by a range of optional subjects according to individual interest. Faculty graduates typically assume managerial posts corresponding to their acquired qualification and personal preference. Over 3,100 students study at the Faculty, and the academic staff consists of nearly 100 professors.

Scientific research forms an integral part of the activities of the Faculty of Business Administration. Thematically speaking, Faculty research focuses on the economic, administrative and socio-psychological elements of business administration and management. Empirical studies and international comparative analyses form an important element of the Faculty´s research agenda. The results of such research are often published abroad and they often serve as the bases of practical case-studies.

Consistent development of cooperation with various professional fields aids in creating a teaching and research environment which allows the Faculty of Business Administration to maintain an unusually strong position in its field.


Faculty Departments and Officials

Department of Logistics Doc. Ing. Petr Pernica, CSc.
Department of Marketing Ing. Miroslav Karlíček, Ph.D.
Department of Microeconomics Prof. Ing. Jindřich Soukup, CSc.
Department of Personnel Management Prof. Ing. Zuzana Dvořáková, CSc.
Department of Business Economics Prof. Ing. Eva Kislingerová, CSc.
Department of Management Prof. Ing. Jaromír Veber, CSc.
Department of Managerial Psychology and Sociology Prof. Ing. Ivan Nový, CSc.
Department of Arts management Doc. Ing. Jiří Patočka, CSc.


Study Programmes, Branches, Major and Minor Specializations:

The Faculty of Business Administration offers the study programmes Business Administration and Management and Arts Management at the levels of Bachelor´s, Master´s and Doctoral levels.

Students pursing the Master´s degree are trained to address common problems occurring in enterprises at the level of middle management as well as more complex and unusual problems at the top-management level. Knowledge of course curricula enable graduates to find employment in operational, commercial, personnel, organizational, financial and other spheres of private, cooperative or state enterprises. Optional subjects allow students to improve their knowledge of law, accounting, logistics and other areas of commercial and managerial activity so they are better able to function in various types of enterprise. Compulsory and elective elements of the study programme include the study of management and marketing, as well as broader socio-economic topics.

Students are able to take advantage of both core and elective courses in developing their interests, abilities and plans for future professional work. The variety of course subjects and content is conceived with the goal of allowing graduates to manage the production, operational, human resource, financial, etc. aspects of industrial, commercial, infrastructural and other businesses which require specialized knowledge.

Study programmes for the Master´s degree may be pursued on both a normal full-time basis and as distance learning courses.

Minor Specialisations:

  • Auditor - Consultant
  • Work Safety
  • Economics of Industrial Enterprise
  • Economics of Sports
  • Financial Manager
  • Logistics – International Forwarding and Transportation
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Small and Medium Enterprises at Marketplace
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Psychology and Sociology in Managing the Company

Doctoral Study Programmes:

Economics and Management:

  • Business Economics and Management