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The academics at VŠE publish annually about some thousand articles in journals, conference papers, course books and monographs. The VŠE itself concentrates on issuing course books (about one hundred titles annually) and scientific journals.

Acta oeconomica Pragensia is a scientific publication. It contains scientific and research papers in economics and related fields which have been elaborated by VŠE faculties. VŠE publishes about ten collections of works containing between 200 to 400 pages every year.

Since 1993 VŠE has been publishing two journals concerned with economics.

Politická ekonomie journal is a theoretical economics journal concerned with basic research which is followed by the Social Science Citation Index and also noted in the abstracts in the EconLit, electronic bibliographic database of the American Economics Association. The journal publishes papers and analytical studies by Czech and foreign authors both in Czech and English whose purpose is to develop the theory of economics, economic policies, econometrics, to draw system comparisons and model economic processes. The journal offers information about topical problems concerning the transition to and the functioning of a market economy, it discusses science in the world at large and reviews literature on economics. There are six issues per year; each number contains 144 pages.

The quarterly Prague Economic Papers, which has ninety six pages, informs those interested all over the world about the process of economic transformation in the Czech Republic, about the character and the development of the Czech way of thinking in economics, about scientific approaches, as well as about new books by Czech economists.

The authors of both journals are Czech or foreign researchers and academics, leading representatives of Czech state authorities and institutions. Nobel prize winners for economics are also no exception among the contributors. The journals enjoy a wide readership among high government authorities and, state institutions, banks, universities, all types of libraries, and there is a growing tendency for readers to take out individual subscriptions. There is also a rising interest among students who use the journals for study purposes, since lecturers include the feature Articles and Consultations in the journals on their recommended reading lists. Then the personal motivation cannot be ignored: students now make up 50 % of individual subscribers. A large number of copies are distributed to university departments, research institutes, centres and libraries which makes the journals accessible to all the university staff.

About seventy copies of the journal Political Economy Politická ekonomie and sixty copies of Prague Economic Papers are sent abroad. This has spread a knowledge of VŠE´s existence from Japan to Peru. There are well-known libraries, international organizations, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations Organization, universities and research institutes among the many subscribers.

The journals are on sale at Ekopress, at the new VŠE building and in the Academia bookshops in Prague (Václavské sq. and Národní str.). As of January 1999 both these journals are published on the Internet under the address: and Here you will find the contents of each of the issues, a preview of the next number and abstracts in English of all contributions in the regular column articles and Consultations.

Often prominent world universities publish their established prestigious journals and are justifiably proud of them, for they, too, provide an indication of the standard of the school, they too characterize the university at home and abroad. VŠE has all the prerequisites to become a member of that club.