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Grounds and Presumptions for the Development of Science and Research at VŠE (Introduction)

The concepts of the long-term development of science are based on the basic nature of VŠE as a school of a university type, featuring a wide representation of social science and exact branches, ensured by the highly structured group of teachers, scientists, researchers preparing almost fourteen thousand students and several hundreds of doctor's degree candidates. This potential forms starting points for scientific and research activities.

The above mentioned dispositions characterise the school as a specific workplace within the framework of national research not only in the field of economy, but also in related social science disciplines. An essential feature is also a stabilised and recognised VŠE position in the field of international research in economics. The VŠE membership in prestigious international networks of economics schools (Community of European Management Schools, Programme in International Management, etc.) creates long-term chances for the achievement of a comparable meaning in world's science as well as in concrete areas of applied research.

An important basis is formed by the interconnection of pedagogical activities of VŠE with science and research, not only for the high numbers of students and doctor's degree candidates, but especially with regard to the long-term tradition of student scientific work at school and high involvement in solving particular research projects of doctor's degree candidates. In this field VŠE achieves a possibility of higher performances in the field of science and research, in comparison with other comparable institutes. On the other hand, there is a high diversity of research topics which can be processed within this framework with regard to the specifics of individual faculties and differences in the branch focus of their departments.

The high representation of out-of-economics branches gives also a possibility of a wide focus during the processing of research topics; and given the effective organisation of the inter-faculty co-ordination it is just the inter-discipline feature that represents a strength of the scientific and research activities at the university. It is obvious that just this orientation creates a basis for the processing of widely understood research tasks in the field of science and puts VŠE into a position of a partner for governmental and state administration authorities during the processing of conceptual tasks in the field of the state economic policy. Thus the governmental orders traditionally strengthens the long-term orientation of VŠE in the field of science and research.

Co-operation with entrepreneurial sectors as well as with public administration bodies, which is also one of the VŠE long-term features, creates a tradition of concretely oriented co-operation with companies which often contribute to higher dynamics of research and help to complete creation of a profession profile of university graduates. Practical researches furthermore form an important area of students' preparation, and their product is also represented by a number of concrete analyses of development of companies, concepts of regional development which confirm the VŠE position in the national economic life, which is important from a long-term point of view.

A wide professional focus of the university staff intervenes also into the field of advisory and expertise activities. These activities confirm the professional credit of the university as a top economic workplace on the one hand, and enable permanent contacts with practice on the other hand, and these contacts develop in some areas into the monitoring of changes in the economic and social development of the country. From the viewpoint of the information assurance of research this information policy leads in turn to the high practical skills of VŠE staff and to their factual roles in a majority of spheres of the economic practice.

To the above listed strengths of the university it is necessary to add the field of information science, statistics and technical scientific disciplines which are developed at university on a continual basis and form the necessary starting points for the implementation of any type of the social science tasks. Just in this area there are several organisational sections that operate on a long-term basis, which belong to dynamic research sections of the university.

The above mentioned bases for the scientific and research activities at University of Economics Prague characterise in their summary the unique position of the school within the Czech university system. These bases are reflected on a long-term basis in concrete objectives of the development of science and research, which were formulated by the new VŠE Management in February 2000 and whose intention is to use adequately all resources and specifics of the university for a long-term and strategically planned scientific and research programme.