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Description of resource was inserted (updated): 19 January 2017



EBSCO platform represents comprehensive access to full-text article databases from over 14,000 full-text journals from the fields of economy, management, finance, accountancy, business, humanities, social sciences, health care, science and culture. EBSCO platform also makes available over 820 monographs, more than 11,000 case studies and 1,160,000 company profiles, industry reports, market reseach reports, SWOT analyses, country economic reports, Harvard Business School´s collection of faculty seminar videos and interviews with experts.

Type: abstracts, bibliographic records, full texts



Retrospection: selected items since 1886

Periodicity of updating: daily

Subject terms:
accounting | analyses | banking | companies | computer science | demography | economics | finance | general resources | industry | law | management | marketing | social sciences | statistics | stocks | trade