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Journal Citation Reports

Description of resource was inserted (updated): 3 June 2016



This complement of the Web of Science database is a useful source for gathering statistic indices such as the Impact factor, Immediacy Index - an Index of immediate response and many other information - so called citation half-time, a list of magazines that cite a respective title and other list of periodicals that are cited by a certain title, further data on publishers, total number of articles in a respective year including the division into original works and report articles, and the ISSN numbers of each title.

Searching: according to a respective magazine, groups of magazines, the topic, publisher, the country, according to an edition and a year.

Type: factographic data



Retrospection: since 1997

Periodicity of updating: yearly

Subject terms:
accounting | analyses | banking | companies | computer science | demography | economics | finance | general resources | industry | law | management | marketing | social sciences | statistics | stocks | trade