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OECD iLibrary

Description of resource was inserted (updated): 26 April 2016



OECD iLibrary contains all the publications and datasets released by OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development).

Subscribed documents within OECD iLibrary platform, which can users from VŠE access, are inscribed with a yellow "smile" icon in their headings. Statistics, produced by IEA, which are also a part of OECD iLibrary platform, are not subscribed, i. e. they are not accessible. These publications are available in the study room in the library at Žižkov.

Type: bibliographic records with abstracts, full texts, statistics



Retrospection: since 1998, selectively since 1960s

Periodicity of updating: daily

Subject terms:
analyses | demography | economics | industry | statistics | trade