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16. 6. 2018 - International MBA Application Deadline

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Canteens and Restaurants in September 2017

  • The expected opening of the canteens in Italska buidling is on Monday, September 18th, the final date will be confirmed before the academic year starts. By the time the canteens are opened, the cafeteria Tržiště (on the first floor of Kredenc restaurant, Seifertova 6, Praha 3), is available for all university students and employees.
  • The Pizzeria VŠEm will be open from 7th September on a regular basis.
  • Deštník restaurant on the ground floor of NB will be open from Monday 4th September on a regular basis.
  • Academic club on the third floor of Italska building will be open at the latest by the beginning of the academic year on Monday, 18th September.