Politická ekonomie
Politická ekonomie
Prague Economic Papers
University of Economics, Prague

Prague Economic Papers Vol. 24 No. 4

The Stability of the Credit Supply in the Globalized Banking Sector Environment: The Case of the EU New Member States-10

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18267/j.pep.543

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Mejra Festić

The influence of foreign banks on a host country's lending depends on several factors, including the policy of the parent bank, the strategy of entry, economic cycles in the home country and abroad, growth prospects, the indebtedness of commitments and the capital adequacy of the parent bank. During the most recent economic crisis, the credit supply of foreign banks in the 10 new European Union (EU) Member States has not remained stable in the crisis. More specifically, we find evidence that foreign banks have cut the credit supply slightly in the new EU Member States.

Keywords: credit supply, crisis, cyclicality, foreign ownership, stability

JEL Classification: E32, E51, F34, G21