Politická ekonomie
Politická ekonomie
Prague Economic Papers
University of Economics, Prague

Prague Economic Papers Vol. 22 No. 1

Entrepreneurs as Innovators: A Multi-Country Study on Entrepreneurs' Innovative Behaviour

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18267/j.pep.441

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Martin Lukeš

Since Schumpeter, entrepreneurs and innovative activities belong together. Innovativeness as a personality trait is also found to be related to entrepreneurial status and business success. However, not much is known about the specific facets of the entrepreneur´s innovative behaviour. This study aims first at better understanding how entrepreneurs differ from managers in the various areas of their innovative behaviour at work. Second, how this behaviour differs for entrepreneurs who have and do not have employees. Representative samples of the working population from Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Switzerland (N=3508) were interviewed with the use of the Innovative Behaviour Inventory. Individuals involved in independent entrepreneurial activities create new ideas and attempt to overcome obstacles during implementation more than employed individuals. People who manage other people communicate new ideas and seek to engage other individuals in the implementation of new ideas more than those without subordinates. Finally, what differentiates entrepreneurs from all other groups is their higher involvement in preparatory activities that start the implementation of new ideas. Overall, these differences led to the foremost position of entrepreneurs in achieving the innovation outputs.

Keywords: entrepreneur, innovation process, innovative behaviour, intergroup comparisons, representative samples, self-employed

JEL Classification: L26, O31