Politická ekonomie
Politická ekonomie
Prague Economic Papers
University of Economics, Prague

JEL Classification: C23 (Single Equation Models; Single Variables: Panel Data Models; Spatio-temporal Models)

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Evžen Kočenda:
Performance of czech voucher-privatized firms

Stefano Mainardi:
Testing convergence in life expectancies: count regression models on panel data

Petr Mariel, Cristina López, Karmele Fernández:
Sales-Advertising Relationship: An Application of Panel Data from the German Automobile Industry

Huseyin Kalyoncu:
International Intertemporal Solvency in OECD Countries: Evidence from Panel Unit Root

Roman Hušek, Václava Pánková:
Exchange rate changes effects on foreign direct investment

Ismail Issham, Abdul Samad M Fazilah, Yen Siew Hwa, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil, Azli Azli Ayub, Meor Azli Ayub:
Economic value added (eva) as a performance measurement for glcs vs non-glcs: evidence from bursa malaysia

Ibrahim L. Awad:
Towards measurement of political pressure on central banks: the case of the central bank of egypt

Elisa Galeotti, Eva Ryšavá:
The endogeneity problem and fdi in transition: evidence from the privatized glass sector

Lutfi Erden, Ibrahim Ozkan, Burak Gunalp:
What Do Productivity Shocks Tell Us About the Saving-Investment Relationship?

Meta Ahtik:
Bank Lending Channel in Slovenia: Panel Data Analysis

Gina Cristina Dimian, Bogdan Ileanu, Josef Jablonský, Jan Fábry:
Analysis of European Labour Market in the Crisis Context

Avgeris Nikolaos, Katrakilidis Constantinos:
A Dynamic Panel, Empirical Investigation on the Link between Inflation and Fiscal Imbalances. Does Heterogeneity Matter?

Oksana Melikhova, Jakub Čížek:
Kuznets Inverted U-Curve Hypothesis Examined on Up-To Date Observations for 145 Countries

Tomáš Evan, Ilya Bolotov:
The Weak Relation between Foreign Direct Investment and Corruption: A Theoretical and Econometric Study

Viktorija Igošina:
FDI to EU15 and New Member States: Comparative Analysis of Inflow Determinants

Martin Srholec:
Persistence of Cooperation on Innovation: Econometric Evidence from Panel Micro Data

Vladimír Benáček, Eva Michalíková:
The Factors of Growth of Small Family Businesses. A Robust Estimation of the Behavioural Consistency in Panel Data Models

Beata Bal Domańska:
The Impact of Economic Crisis on Convergence Processes in European Union Regions

Magdalena Olczyk, Aleksandra Kordalska:
International Competitiveness of Czech Manufacturing - A Sectoral Approach with Error Correction Model

Wojciech Grabowski, Ewa Stawasz:
Sovereign Bond Spreads in the EMU Peripheral Countries. The Role of the Outright Monetary Transactions

Michal Gerthofer, Michal Pešta:
Stochastic Claims Reserving in Insurance Using Random Effects

Tomáš Evan, Pavla Vozárová, Ilya Bolotov:
Some Effects of Intellectual Property Protection on National Economies: Theoretical and Econometric Study

Karolína Vozková, Petr Teplý:
Determinants of Bank Fee Income in the EU Banking Industry - Does Market Concentration Matter?

Sinem Guler Kangalli Uyar, Umut Uyar:
Quantile Parameter Heterogeneity in the Finance-Growth Relation: The Case of OECD Countries

Blanka Škrabic Peric:
Have More Profitable Banks a More or a Less Risky Lending Policy? Empirical Evidence from CEE Countries

Mesut Turkay, Timur Han Gur:
Heterogeneous Impact of Quantitative Easing on Government Bond Yields

Matěj Kuc, Petr Teplý:
A Financial Performance Comparison of Czech Credit Unions and European Cooperative Banks

Vilma Deltuvaite, Svatopluk Kapounek, Petr Koráb:
Impact of Behavioural Attention on the Households’ Foreign Currency Savings as a Response to the External Macroeconomic Shocks