Politická ekonomie
Politická ekonomie
Prague Economic Papers
University of Economics, Prague

JEL Classification: E31 (Price Level; Inflation; Deflation)

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Vladimír Benáček:
Historical perspectives of growth, integration and policies for catching-up in transition countries

Tibor Hlédik:
Quantifying the Second-Round Effects of Supply-Side Shocks on Inflation

Vratislav Izák:
Fiscal Deficits and Inflation in the Transition Countries

Roman Hušek, Tomáš Formánek:
Estimation of the Czech Republic Sacrifice Ratio for the Transition Period

Josef Arlt, Miroslav Plašil:
Empirical Testing of New Keynesian Phillips Curve in Conditions of the Czech Republic in 1994 - 2003

Mejra Festić:
Procyclicality of Financial and Real Sector in Transition Economies

Václav Žďárek:
Some thoughts on nominal convergence, its drivers and determinants for the new eu member states preparing the euro adoption

Růžena Vintrová:
Lessons from the czech and slovak economies split

Petr Duczynski:
On the relationship between real and nominal variables in developed countries

Josef Arlt, Milan Bašta:
The Problem of the Yearly Inflation Rate and Its Implications for the Monetary Policy of the Czech National Bank

Philipp Bagus, Markus H. Schiml:
A Cardiograph of the Dollar´s Quality: Qualitative Easing and the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet During the Subprime Crisis

Matthew Kofi Ocran:
Exchange Rate Pass-Through To Domestic Prices: The Case of South Africa

Svatopluk Kapounek, Lubor Lacina:
Inflation Perceptions and Anticipations in the Old Eurozone Member States

Ahmad Zafarullah Abdul Jalil, Mukaramah Harun, Siti Hadijah Che Mat:
Macroeconomic Instability and Fiscal Decentralization: An Empirical Analysis

Avgeris Nikolaos, Katrakilidis Constantinos:
A Dynamic Panel, Empirical Investigation on the Link between Inflation and Fiscal Imbalances. Does Heterogeneity Matter?

Arkadiusz Sieroń:
Inflation and Income Inequality

Aleksandra Halka, Grzegorz Szafrański:
What Common Factors are Driving Inflation in CEE Countries?

Oguz Atuk, Mustafa Utku Özmen, Cagri Sarikaya:
A Disaggregated Analysis of the Impact of Output Gap on Inflation and Implications for Monetary Policy

Aytül Ganioğlu:
How Consumers’ Inflation Expectations Respond to Explosive Periods of Food and Energy Prices: Evidence for European Union Countries