Politická ekonomie
Politická ekonomie
Prague Economic Papers
University of Economics, Prague

JEL Classification: E52 (Monetary Policy)

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Tibor Hlédik:
Quantifying the Second-Round Effects of Supply-Side Shocks on Inflation

Roman Hušek, Tomáš Formánek:
Estimation of the Czech Republic Sacrifice Ratio for the Transition Period

Martina Horníková, Jaromír Hurník, Viktor Kotlán:
Spontaneous Euroization in the Czech Republic (is it a problem and why not?)

Petr Sedláček:
Institutional Conditions of Monetary Policy Conduct in the Czech Republic

Michal Skořepa, Viktor Kotlán:
Inflation Targeting: To Forecast or To Simulate?

Jan Frait, Luboš Komárek:
Monetary Policy and Asset Prices: What Role for Central Banks in New EU Member States?

Petre Caraiani:
An Estimation of Output Gap in Romanian Economy Using the DSGE Approach

Philipp Bagus, Markus H. Schiml:
A Cardiograph of the Dollar´s Quality: Qualitative Easing and the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet During the Subprime Crisis

Meta Ahtik:
Bank Lending Channel in Slovenia: Panel Data Analysis

Martin Mandel, Vladimír Tomšík:
Monetary Policy Efficiency in Conditions of Excess Liquidity Withdrawal

Josef Arlt, Martin Mandel:
The Reaction Function of Three Central Banks of Visegrad Group

Jaromír Kukal, Tran Van Quang:
A Monetary Policy Rule Based on Fuzzy Control in an Inflation Targeting Framework

Alexandra Ferreira-Lopes:
The Welfare Cost of the EMU for Transition Countries

Łukasz Goczek, Dagmara Mycielska:
Euro Dominance Hypothesis and Monetary Policy Independence – the Czech Perspective

Magdalena Szyszko:
Central Bank’s Inflation Forecast and Expectations. A Comparative Analysis

Maciej Ryczkowski:
Forward Guidance, Pros, Cons and Credibility

Aleksandra Halka, Grzegorz Szafrański:
What Common Factors are Driving Inflation in CEE Countries?

Lukasz Kurowski, Pawel Smaga:
Monetary Policy and Cyclical Systemic Risk - Friends or Foes?

Mesut Turkay, Timur Han Gur:
Heterogeneous Impact of Quantitative Easing on Government Bond Yields

Zulfiqar Ali Wagan, Zhang Chen, Hakimzadi Wagan:
A Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive Approach to Analyze the Transmission of Monetary Policy

Magdalena Szyszko, Aleksandra Rutkowska:
Macroeconomic Forecast Relevance in the Central Bank’s Decisions. The Case of European Economies

Mohammad Enamul Hoque, Mohd Azlan Shah Zaidi:
Impacts of Global-Economic-Policy Uncertainty on Emerging Stock Market: Evidence from Linear and Non-Linear Models

Jakub Jakl:
Outreach and Effects of the ECB Corporate Sector Purchase Programme