Politická ekonomie
Politická ekonomie
Prague Economic Papers
University of Economics, Prague

JEL Classification: G21 (Banks; Depository Institutions; Micro Finance Institutions; Mortgages)

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Martin Myant:
Czech banking in comparative perspective

Srečko Devjak, Andraž Grum:
Third Moment of Yield Probability Distributions for Instruments on Slovenian Financial Markets

Mejra Festić, Dejan Romih:
Cyclicality of the banking sector performance and macro environment in the Czech republic, Slovakia and Slovenia

Adam Geršl, Jaroslav Heřmánek:
Indicators of financial system stability: towards an aggregate financial stability indicator?

Petr Jakubík, Jaroslav Heřmánek:
Stress testing of the czech banking sector

Petr Kadeřábek, Aleš Slabý, Josef Vodička:
Stress testing of probability of default of individuals

Mohd Zaini Abd Karim, Sok-Gee Chan, Sallahudin Hassan:
Bank Efficiency and Non-Performing Loans: Evidence from Malaysia and Singapore

Zuzana Iršová, Tomáš Havránek:
Measuring Bank Efficiency: A Meta-Regression Analysis

Milan Rippel, Petr Teplý:
Operational Risk - Scenario Analysis

Meta Ahtik:
Bank Lending Channel in Slovenia: Panel Data Analysis

Iustina Boitan:
Development of an Early Warning System for Evaluating the Credit Portfolio´s Quality. A Case Study on Romania

Alexis Derviz, Marie Raková:
Parent Influence on Loan Pricing by Czech Banks

Petr Gurný, Martin Gurný:
Comparison of Credit Scoring Models on Probability of Default Estimation for Us Banks

Tomáš Klinger, Petr Teplý:
Systemic Risk of the Global Banking System - An Agent-Based Network Model Approach

Barbora Šútorová, Petr Teplý:
The Level of Capital and the Value of EU Banks under Basel III

Saša Obradović, Milka Grbić:
Causality Relationship between Financial Intermediation by Banks and Economic Growth: Evidence from Serbia

Tereza Fišerová, Petr Teplý, David Tripe:
The Performance of Foreign-Owned Banks in Host Country Economies

Pavla Vodová:
To Lend or to Borrow on the Interbank Market: What Matters for Commercial Banks in the Visegrad Countries

Anna Buriak, Serhiy Lyeonov, Tetiana Vasylieva:
Systematically Important Domestic Banks: An Indicator-Based Measurement Approach for the Ukrainian Banking System

Irina Raluca Busuioc Witowschi, Florin Alexandru Luca:
Bank Capital, Risk and Performance in European Banking. A Case Study on Seven Banking Sectors

Mejra Festić:
The Stability of the Credit Supply in the Globalized Banking Sector Environment: The Case of the EU New Member States-10

Martin BOĎA, Emília Zimková:
Efficiency in the Slovak Banking Industry: A Comparison of Three Approaches

Hana Džmuráňová, Petr Teplý:
Why Are Savings Accounts Perceived as Risky Bank Products?

Radek Halamka, Petr Teplý:
The Effect of Ethics on Banks’ Financial Performance

Andrzej Cwynar, Wiktor Cwynar, Kamil Wais, Radosław Parda:
Personal Loan Companies in Poland: Does Empirical Evidence Justify Regulatory Transition?

Karolína Vozková, Petr Teplý:
Determinants of Bank Fee Income in the EU Banking Industry - Does Market Concentration Matter?

Martin Macháček, Aleš Melecký, Monika Šulganová:
Macroeconomic Drivers of Non-Performing Loans: A Meta-Regression Analysis

Milan Hrdý:
Valuation Standards for Commercial Banks in the Financial Theory and their Analysis

Blanka Škrabic Peric:
Have More Profitable Banks a More or a Less Risky Lending Policy? Empirical Evidence from CEE Countries

Yaseen Ghulam:
SME’s Credit Conditions during the Financial Crisis in Europe

Yiming Chang, Shangmei Zhao, Haijun Yang, Jiang He, Fei Hu:
Determinants of Deposit Insurance Coverage

Matěj Kuc, Petr Teplý:
A Financial Performance Comparison of Czech Credit Unions and European Cooperative Banks

Milan Hrdý, Markéta Pláničková:
Meaning and Problems of Identification of Beta Coefficient When Valuing Financial Institutions

Martin Hodula, Martin Macháček, Aleš Melecký:
Placing the Czech Shadow Banking Sector under the Light

Marcin Grzelak:
The “Hold-up Problem” and Banking Relationships: Evidence from the Polish SME Sector