Politická ekonomie
Politická ekonomie
Prague Economic Papers
University of Economics, Prague

Keyword: monetary policy


Bruno Sergio Sergi:
Europe: west and east partners in the 2000

Jiří Jonáš:
In search for a new anchor: inflation targeting in the czech republic

Martin Mandel, Vladimír Kosmata:
The czech embarrassment of inflation targeting in transition

Zdeněk Dvorný:
The role of the czech national bank monetary instruments in interest rates targeting during transition

Ilona Bažantová, Marek Loužek:
The central bank independence and accountability in context of accession of the czech republic to the european union

Tomáš Cahlík:
Central and east european countries after entering the european union

Kamil Janáček, Eva Zamrazilová:
Czech economy at the beginning of 2002: uncertain prospects

Kamil Janáček, Eva Zamrazilová:
Czech economy in 2002: record-low inflation

Tibor Hlédik:
Quantifying the Second-Round Effects of Supply-Side Shocks on Inflation

Martina Horníková, Jaromír Hurník, Viktor Kotlán:
Spontaneous Euroization in the Czech Republic (is it a problem and why not?)

Mete Feridun:
Impact of Monetary Policy on Economic Instability in Turkey (1983 - 2003)

Petr Sedláček:
Institutional Conditions of Monetary Policy Conduct in the Czech Republic

Michal Skořepa, Viktor Kotlán:
Inflation Targeting: To Forecast or To Simulate?

Jan Frait, Luboš Komárek:
Monetary Policy and Asset Prices: What Role for Central Banks in New EU Member States?

Petre Caraiani:
An Estimation of Output Gap in Romanian Economy Using the DSGE Approach

Josef Arlt, Milan Bašta:
The Problem of the Yearly Inflation Rate and Its Implications for the Monetary Policy of the Czech National Bank

Alexandra Ferreira-Lopes:
The Welfare Cost of the EMU for Transition Countries

Mateusz Machaj:
Can the Taylor Rule be a Good Guidance for Policy? The Case of 2001–2008 Real Estate Bubble

Łukasz Goczek, Dagmara Mycielska:
Euro Dominance Hypothesis and Monetary Policy Independence – the Czech Perspective

Kateřina Gawthorpe:
Competition of Currencies: An Alternative to Legal Tender

Lukasz Kurowski, Pawel Smaga:
Monetary Policy and Cyclical Systemic Risk - Friends or Foes?

Zulfiqar Ali Wagan, Zhang Chen, Hakimzadi Wagan:
A Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive Approach to Analyze the Transmission of Monetary Policy