Politická ekonomie
Politická ekonomie
Politická ekonomie
TEORETICKÝ ČASOPIS • ISSN 0032-3233 (Print) • ISSN 2336-8225 (Online)

Politická ekonomie Vol. 64 No. 2

Politicko-ekonomická reflexe současného stavu globální společnosti

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18267/j.polek.1066

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Miroslav Jurásek, Václav Leinweber, Radim Valenčík

Reflection on Political Economy of Global Society Today Recently we could observe an accumulation of problems in the global society. Beeing more serious and complicated these problems have become a kind of the historical excess when all possibilities of the countinous development have been exhausted and consequently a crucial societal transformation must be done. This article deals with the reflection on the roots of the present political and economical problems and how to solve them. It demonstrates some theoretical conclusions of the articles published in the Political Economy in the previous ten years. Successively, the attention is paid to the most important works which illustrate the possibilities of a radical societal transformation from the different perspectives. To be concrete there are presented works of R. Richta (the 50th anniversary of his well – known work will be commemorated in 2016), of Francis Fukuyama (whose very optimistic original visions had to be reviewed later) and of S. Huntington (who focused on searching the causes of global conflicts in a broader context). Finally, it is proposed a new concept of solving problems – a transition to the society whose economy is based on the productive services which means on the services linked to the human capital in its three phases: gaining, preservation and realization. At the same time the barriers of this transition and possibilities how to overcome them are identified.

JEL klasifikace: A1