Současná Evropa
Současná Evropa
Contemporary Europe
Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague

Instructions for authors

General information

Articles published in the journal Contemporary Europe / Současná Evropa should be related to the European integration (economic, political, security, social or other context). The priority is given to current issues related to the developments on the European continent. The propriety of the topics is determined by the Editorial Board, which decides about accepting contributions for the review process.

Following types of contributions are considered/accepted for publishing: essays, consultations, book reviews and reports. Both essays and consultations are subject of an independent and anonymous double blind review procedure. They are reviewed by two selected reviewers.
All contributions must be original, i. e. they have had not been published in any other journal before. Translations of the articles published in foreign journals are not accepted.

Essays must meet specific requirements and undergoes a review process. A previous research and an adequate scientific methodology are fundamental for an essay. The aim of the essay is to present an original research findings. The length of the essay should range from 15 to 20 standard pages (i e. 1,800 symbols per page). After the paper is received, the manuscript of an essay is judged by the Editorial Board. After the Editorial Board finds the article appropriate for the publishing, an anonymous version of the manuscript is forwarded to reviewers.

The reviewers can: recommend the contribution for publishing unconditionally, or after revision or they reject the paper. The final decision is made by the Editorial board.

A consultation should introduce a certain issue with focus on the European integration.
Consultation presents (describes) results of an empiric research or present current literature (puts together relevant research results from current of a specific problem. The consultation is usually 10 to 15 standard pages long (i. e. 1,800 characters per page). The consultation undergoes the same anonymous review process as the essay.

A book review introduces a current selected book/publication concerning the European integration. The book review should outline a content of reviewed publication (it should be clearly specified in the introduction), define its strengths and weaknesses, and identify the aim groups of readers. A length of a book review is 4- 6 pages.

A report should be related to a conference, expert seminar or similar occasions. The report informs readers about results of an event that took a place and it is to highlight issues for further research in the field of European integration. The report is usually 2 to 4 pages long.

Technical Instructions

Contributions in Czech, Slovak or English can be only submitted by the Actavia review system. It is available here. Before submitting your paper, you need to register.

The articles should meet following requirements:

  • The references to all the literature used in the contribution (in the References appendix at the end of the article and in footnotes within the text) must conform to the valid Czech standards.
  • Do not format the text, do not split words and do not use the end-of-paragraph marker ¶ (except the end of paragraph, title etc.). Bold format should be used only for headings or to stress some idea in the text. Italics is used to mark a literal quotation of another source.
  • Each contribution must include a short abstract both in Czech and English. Keywords must also be defined (6 to 8 words) in Czech and English.
  • Enclose your short academic biography to the article (circa 6 to 8 lines), including your postal and e-mail address and telephone number.
  • The referencing (at the end of the manuscript in the references section and in the contents of the contribution using the Harvard system, not in footnotes) has to comply with the Czech standard ČSN ISO 690:2011 (Czech version ISO 690:2010).
  • All the contributions are subject to the authorization during the proof-reading. In case the author does not send the authorization within one week from the date of the invitation, the text will not be published in the given issue of the journal and the publishing will be postponed to the next issue.

Suggestions, contributions or remarks

Your suggestions, contributions or remarks can also be sent to Dr. Vukica Jankovic.