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Hello international students. Buddy System is here for you!

7. 7. 2008 - Non-profit student organization Buddy System is here to help you during your stay in Prague. Buddy System brings you together with Czech students who are ready to help you with anything you need and they do it for FREE. More

UEP Achieves International Credit

18. 6. 2008 - A worldwide evaluation of the international importance of business schools has been completed as part of the EDUNIVERSAL project. The University of Economics, Prague occupies the first position in the Czech Republic and achieved the top credit of "5 Palmes" for universal influence within its field. More

UEP became a member to CIDD

17. 6. 2008 - CIDD (Consorcium of International Double Degrees) is a non-government consortium associating public and private universities of economics and business schools, which offer international education in business and at the same, enable students to finish their studies with double degree diploma. More

Integrated Study Information System (ISIS)

1. 6. 2008 - The University of Economics, Prague is going to introduce a new Integrated Study Information System. The goal is to integrate recent particular and separate applications of the agenda into one united portal with one password. More

12th International Conference of Young Scholars, Prague

20. 5. 2008 - On Thursday, 29 May 2008, the 12th session of the Conference of Young Scholars called "Crucial Problems of International Relations through the Eyes of Young Scholars" will be held at the University of Economics, Prague (UEP). More

Come to study to Central Europe

16. 5. 2008 - The University of Economics in Prague offers a study program (CESP) which provides studies in the economies, societies, and cultures of Central and Eastern European countries and gives you an opportunity to reside and experience the dynamic and exciting condition in Central Europe. The application deadline is June 15, 2008. More

CESP Summer School

8. 5. 2008 - The CESP offers a summer program combined with field research and study tours. It will begin on Monday June 9, 2008 and last till Friday July 11, 2008. The deadline for application is May 15, 2008. More

Appointment of the new CEMS Academic Director

30. 4. 2008 - President of the University of Economics, Prague prof. Richard Hindls is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jiří HNILICA to the position of Academic Director of the very prestigious CEMS MIM program. More

The UEP awarded W. A. Niskanen

29. 4. 2008 - The University of Economics, Prague awarded Mr. William A. Niskanen the honorary title of "doctor oeconomiae honoris causa". The ceremony was held on 7 May at 14:30 in the New Aula of the UEP with the presence of some very important guests. A lecture by W. A. Niskanen called "Autocratic, Democratic, and Optimal Government" was also part of the ceremony. More

Doctoral study at UEP

21. 4. 2008 - In the 2008/09 academic year, the University of Economics, Prague (UEP) offers fifteen PhD programs that are taught in English. The application deadline is May 15, 2008. More

Prague Conference on Political Economy - PCPE 2008

9. 4. 2008 - Fourth annual conference on political economy, economic theory and history, law and economics and the relation between economics and politics is organized by the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration. Participants from universities in Europe, USA, Canada as well as from Taiwan will be presenting their papers. We expect to have several participants from Africa. More

International Business at VSE - Master's Program for all Bachelors

14. 3. 2008 - The University of Economics, Prague, opens for the sixth consecutive year a two-year Master's Program International Business - Central European Business Realities. The Program is fully taught in English and does not demand any other language knowledge. More

Job fair "Chance" at UEP

12. 3. 2008 - On March 18 and 19, 2008 at UEP's Rajska building, there will be another job fair called "Chance". More

Günter Verheugen at the UEP

28. 2. 2008 - On 6 March 2008, from 16:15, in the New Aula of the UEP, Dr. h. c. Günter Verheugen, Vice-President of the European Commission and Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry, will hold a lecture regarding "Czech EU membership as a key to success in the global economy". More

Absolventi Cooperation of UEP with business

26. 2. 2008 - What do companies expect from graduates, how do they recruit young talent, which concrete forms of cooperation among business and UEP currently exist and how can UEP students benefit from them - these are only a few of the topics which will be discussed by the discussion panel titled: "The better start of graduates on the labor market as a result of cooperation between universities and business". More

Master degrees in English

19. 2. 2008 - The University of Economics, Prague (UEP) offers four Master degrees taught in English. More

Information and Library Services at UEP

2. 2. 2008 - A special information base represents an important part of a modern university. Students, UEP employees and the public have at their disposal a large complex of study rooms, libraries and electronic information resources as well as additional services. More

VSE Bachelor Study Programmes at UEP

21. 1. 2008 - UEP applicants for bachelor study programmes can choose from a broad offer of six faculties in academic year 2008/09. For the coming academic year, UEP will accept over 4000 new students. The application form is available online at More

Centre for disabled students at UEP

16. 12. 2007 - Young people with a handicap of hearing, seeing or with limited movement are slowly beginning to use the special possibilities, which are offered by universities. More

Prof. Edwin Dolan (USA) Visiting professors at UEP

6. 12. 2007 - In 2007 UEP has offered to its students in sum 64 courses taught by visiting professors from abroad. More

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