Mission & Vision


The VŠE mission is to provide both Czech and foreign students with excellent higher education within a wide range of managerial, economic and informatics as well as other degree programmes at the Bachelor´s, Master´s and doctoral levels with the aim of offering them very good opportunities in the international labour market. Degree programmes are taught by highly qualified, competent, and motivated university teachers.

The VŠE systematically develops its scientific and research activities, including preparation of students in doctoral degree programmes whilst respecting indivisibility of pedagogical activities and scientific research. As a consequence, the VŠE is an internationally recognised professional workplace and a partner for cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions and the business sector.

The VŠE value priorities include openness to new ideas and approaches. The university endeavours to support collegial partnership within the academic community and defends free expression of opinions and ideas. The Prague University of Economics and Business is a socially responsible institution leading its students towards ethical behaviour as well as social and environmental responsibility regarding contemporary challenges of the globalising world and aspects relating to economic and social life.

The VŠE mission is based on the following values:

  • long-term efforts to achieve high quality pedagogical, scientific and research activities;
  • internationalization of academic environment as a fundamental prerequisite of competitiveness of students and academic staff;
  • development of academic fellowship whilst respecting academic freedoms and self-government;
  • traditional moral values of the free and democratic society;
  • responsibility toward the society and its sustainable socioeconomic development.


The aim/vision of the VŠE is to assume the role of a leader in the market of managerial, economic and informatics education in Central European countries. The VŠE wants to be a sought-after research university respected internationally providing elite Bachelor´ s, Master´s and doctoral education in managerial, economic, informatics and other relating areas at all faculties as well as excellent programmes of life-long education designed for top managers. The VŠE wishes to produce graduates who will possess a potential to strengthen, within their professional activities, the wide social, moral, and environmental responsibility in the society.