Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of a public university shall have at least nine members, the number of which must always be divisible by three. The members of the board of trustees of a public higher education institution shall be appointed and dismissed by the Minister in consultation with the Rector, so that it includes adequate representation, in particular, of representatives of public life, professional chambers, employers’ organisations or other persons or bodies carrying out, supporting or benefiting from the educational or creative activities of higher education institutions or their results, representatives of local and state government and alumni of the institution.

Memebers of the Board of Trustees:

Name Role Note
Jan Fischer Member (external)Government of the Czech Republic - former Prime Minister
Dušan Hradil Member (external)Ministry of Finance - Financial Markets section director
Miroslava Kopicová Member, Deputy Head (external)National Training Fund, Prague - Director
Petr Kříž Member, Deputy Head (external)PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit - Partner/Regulatory & Policy Leader
Karel Melzoch Member (external)University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague - Rector Emeritus
Aleš Michl Member (external)Czech National Bank - Governor
Jiří Nekovář Chairperson, MemberEuro – Trend, s.r.o. Praha - Managing Director
Pavel Pichler Member (external)Advantage International - Director for South-Central Europe Region
Miroslav Rumler Member (external)RELIANT s. r. o. - Managing Director and CEO
Jana Říhová Member (external)Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports - Head of Department
Jiří Volf Member (external)Ministry of Finance - advisor
Michal Vronský Member (external)Prague 3 - mayor

Secretary to the Board:

doc. Mgr. et Mgr. Andrej Tóth, Ph.D.