Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is a self-governing academic body. VSE’s Academic Senate approves the internal regulations of the University, the budget of the University, the Rector´s proposals of nominating or dismissing members of the Scientific Board and the long-term strategy of VSE in the area of educational and research activities.

What is the role of the Academic Senate?

  1. acting upon a proposal from the Rector, takes decisions on establishing, merging, amalgamating, splitting or dissolving individual constituent parts of the university,

  2. approves the rules of procedure of the Academic Senate, the internal rules of the faculty which are proposed by the Academic Senate of the Faculty, and on the basis of a proposal of the Rector other internal rules of the university and its parts,

  3. approves the budget and the medium term of the university, which is submitted by the Rector, and monitors the financial management,

  4. approves the annual reports on the activities and on the financial management of the university,

  5. approves the report of the internal evaluation of the quality of the educational, creative, and related activities of the university, which is presented by the Rector,

  6. gives its prior consent to appoint or dismiss the Rector’s proposals for nominating or dismissing members of the Scientific Board and expresses view on the intention of the Rector to appoint or dismiss Vice-Rectors,

  7. votes on proposals to nominate or dismiss the Rector,

  8. approves the strategic plan for the educational and creative activities of the university and the annual implementation plan of the strategic plan,

  9. expresses its view on legal transactions that require the consent of the Board of Trustees of the University.

Members of the Academic Senate:

Name Role
Ing. Josef Bič, Ph.D. Member
Mgr. Halka Čapková, Ph.D. Member
Bc. Marta Demyanchuk Member
Mgr. Gabriela Fliedrová Member
Ing. Marek Koten Member
Bc. Magdaléna Kotrčová Member
Ing. Jana Krbová, Ph.D. Member
prof. Ing. Petr Marek, CSc. Member
Ing. Jan Mareš Member
doc. Ing. Mgr. Petr Mazouch, Ph.D. Member
Bc. Tomáš Mikulenka Member
Ing. Jan Molín, Ph.D. Member
Bc. Květa Nevosadová Member
Bc. Erik Nikerle Member
doc. Ing. Peter Pažitný, Ph.D., MSc Member
doc. Ing. Jana Peterková, Ph.D. Member
Ing. Martin Potančok, Ph.D. Member
Bc. Tomáš Reml Member
doc. Ing. David Říha, Ph.D., MBA Member
prof. Ing. Luboš Smrčka, CSc. Member
Ing. Štěpán Staněk Member
Ing. Marek Stříteský, Ph.D. Chairperson, Member
Ing. Mgr. et Mgr. Michaela Ševčíková, Ph.D. Member
Ing. Petr Šimáček Member
Ing. Lucie Váchová, Ph.D. Member
PhDr. Ing. Daniel Váňa, Ph.D. Member
prof. Ing. Alena Vančurová, Ph.D. Member
JUDr. Jan Vondráček Member, Deputy Head
doc. Ing. Jan Zouhar, Ph.D. Member
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