Vice-Rector for International Relations

Hana Machková

Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE)



1981    MSc in Foreign Trade, VŠE

1990    CSc. in Foreign Trade (then PhD equivalent), VŠE

1994    Assoc. Professor of International Trade, VŠE

2004    Professor of International Trade, VŠE


Professional Career

1981 – present           VŠE, Department of International Business


Academic Positions

2002 – 2014                Head of Department of International Business, VŠE
2006 – 2014                Vice-President for International Relations and PR, VŠE
2014 – 2022                Rector, VŠE

2022 – present           Vice-Rector for International Relations


Professional Activities
1990 – present           French-Czech Institute of Management, director, VŠE

1990 – 1995                Université Robert Schuman Strasbourg, IECS, visiting professor
1996 – 2004               Expert activities in PHARE programs
1997 – present           Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, IAE Lyon, visiting professor
1998 – 2005               Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, IAE de Nice, visiting professor
1998 – 2013                Université Paris 1 – Panthéon – Sorbonne, IAE de Paris, visiting professor
2002 – 2004              Head Researcher, Czech Science Foundation project
2005 – 2007               Head Researcher, Czech Science Foundation project
2006 – 2014               Executive Board Member, CEMS

2012 – 2019                Academic Council Member, Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2012 – present           iaelyon, International Advisory Board, member, since 2019 president

2014 – present           Strategic Board Member, CEMS

2015 – present           WU Vienna, International Advisory Board, member

2015 – present           EIASM, Managing Board, member

2017 – 2021                EUA, Board Member

2019 – present           Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS), President


Memberships in Scientific and Editorial Boards

2000 – present          Member of Scientific Board, VŠE
2002 – present          Member of Scientific Board, Faculty of International Relations, VŠE

2014 – present           Member of Scientific Board, Masaryk University in Brno
2015 – 2022               Member of Scientific Board, University of Economics in Bratislava
2011 – present           Central European Business Review, journal executive board member

2014 – 2022               Prague Economic Papers, president of editorial board



Author and co-author of 21 books, head author or co-author of 8 student textbooks, more than 120 articles in Czech and French expert magazines journals, research papers and daily press, co-author of many research studies, author or co-author of expert translations from English and French, author of book critiques and expert reports.


International State Honors and other rewards

1996    Chevalier dans l´Ordre des Palmes Académiques – French state honor awarded by the Prime Minister

2002    GRADA publishing house award in economics literature for “International Marketing and Trade”

2006    GRADA publishing house award in economics literature for “International Marketing“

2016    Chevalier de la Légion d´Honneur, highest order of France awarder by President

2021    Commandeur dans l´Ordre des Palmes académiques – French state honor awarded by the Prime Minister


Professional Interests

International Business, Marketing Management


Language knowledge

English, French, Russian