The Faculty of Management celebrates 20 years

14 Nov

The Faculty of Management (FM) in Jindřichův Hradec celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. On this occasion, the FM has organized a celebratory assembly, which will take place on Tuesday, 18 November at 15:00 in the FM auditorium in Jindřichův Hradec.

After the ceremony, a culture program will continue in the Štřelnice theater, where the play “Yes Prime Minister” will be performed.

The Faculty of Management is the smallest and youngest faculty of the University of Economics, Prague as well as the only one which is located out of Prague. FM was founded in 1994 at the University of South Bohemia. On 1st January 1999, FM became part of the University of Economics, Prague as its sixth faculty. Now, 1500 students study at FM.

The Faculty of Management celebrates 20 years FM offers study programs at all educational levels – bachelor, master and doctoral in full-time and combined forms. At the undergraduate level, students get education in the general basics of management; this can be further specialized according to their interest in the various areas of management. In the master’s program, students choose one of these specializations: management of the corporate sector, management of public services, or information management. FM is the only faculty in the Czech Republic which also offers a specialization in health care management. FM maintains long-term relationships with major regional firms and companies that help students to develop their practical skills. The relationships are realized by declarations of cooperation, thanks to which, students get practical experience in companies during their studies or they write their theses in cooperation with the companies.