VŠE accelerator has opened registration for applicants

9 Dec

On 27 January, the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) will open a new university business accelerator called xPORT. It will be a new part of the university dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial activities among students and startups. Applicants can register their projects from December 5 to January 18 by on-line form.

Students and teams that get the chance to develop their business projects in the xPORT Business Accelerator will work in the newly renovated premises of 1000 m2 located on the campus of the university dormitory at Jarov. There will be new facilities (offices, open space, showroom, relaxation zone, etc.) as well as support for start-up businesses (mentors, investors, virtual wallet, educational program, etc.). From December 5 to January 18, applicants can register business ideas in the beginning phase of a business project or start-ups.

The part of xPORT dedicated to business ideas is called iPORT. This is an opportunity for students or teams who have some idea and they haven´t yet launched their own startup. It guides them from the beginning of entrepreneurship through developing the idea up to fundraising.

The part of xPORT dedicated to ongoing start-ups is called aPORT. It supports teams determined to succeed in the transformation of their start-up into a successful business.

Registration for xPORT is open for projects in all industries. The registration is open for teams of VŠE students, graduates, teachers or staff of VŠE.


  1. Registration (5/12/2014 – 18/1/2015)
  2. Meetings with applicants (19/1/2015 – 31/1/2015)
  3. Presentation of projects for xPORT Board (2/2/2015 – 6/2/2015)
  4. Announcement of projects (9/2/2015)
  5. Entry to xPORT (16/2/2015 and 2/3/2015) 

More information http://xport.vse.cz/

Contact xPORT team: xport@vse.cz

Photographs of the xPORT building spaces at Jarov: