IBB – Bachelor of International Business

11 Jan

A full-time International Business bachelor´s degree program taught in English is offered by the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics, Prague.

The objective of the IBB program is to equip its graduates with extended practical competences based on theoretical knowledge in the fields of international business and management; they will be also multilingual with strong language skills. They will be prepared to work in mid-level management positions in multinational corporations, international and national export companies, in retailing businesses as well as in financial and governmental institutions. They will also be able to develop their own businesses at foreign markets. The acquired competences enable them to react flexibly to changes in the global multicultural business environment. At the same time, IBB provides a very solid basis for further studies at the master´s level.

In terms of IBB diploma recognition, the bachelor´s diploma and the diploma supplement are recognized worldwide in terms of meeting the requirements for entrance into master´s degree programs. The University of Economics, Prague offers IBB graduates the possibility to continue their studies at the master´s level in programs taught in English, for example in the International Business- Central European Business Realities master´s program.

To complete the program, students must pass a study load of 180 European Credits (ECTS). Core IBB courses are Basic Microeconomics, Basic Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, Financial Theory, Policy and Institutions, Geography of the World Economy, Informatics, Principles of Management, Marketing and Business Policy, Mathematics for Economists, International Economics, International Business, International Business Operations, Introduction to Law, Retail Management, Retail Marketing, Statistics, World Economy, Accounting, Sustainable Development and Environment, Doing Business in Selected World Markets, Languages courses and Bachelor´s Thesis Seminar. An overview of selected IBB courses follows:

The International Economics course aims at making students familiar with the concepts and categories of international economics. It should lead them to critical thinking in economic theory as well as to the ability to apply it to practical world economy development.

The Management course introduces students into the management theories by incorporating the perspectives of real-life managers. The management of every kind of entity is covered – enterprises or non-profit associations, small and medium-size businesses or multinational corporations.

The Marketing and Business Policy course familiarizes students with principles of corporation policy as a set of tools and methods that can be used to achieve business goals as well as with all basic categories of modern marketing (marketing research, marketing mix, consumer behavior, marketing plan). Students will be able to use theoretical knowledge for solutions of practical problems in business life.

In the Retail Marketing course students are taught how to use marketing tools in the area of business, especially in retail companies, including marketing communication specific tools like advertisement, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relation etc. when realizing a project of promotion. Special attention is paid to the retail audit.

The Financial Theory, Policy and Institutions course introduces the functions of public and private financial institutions and the structure of active and passive operations of public budgets, state funds, central bank, commercial banks and funds of collective investment. Furthermore, students will be provided with specific technical knowledge of financial decision-making at these institutions and with the principles of mutual relationships between monetary and fiscal policy.

The International Business course provides student with information on the current international trade as a system creating business environment and with its individual subsystems (multilateral trading system, trade policy including export promotion, international monetary and financial systems, international investment rules and politics), on a basis of theoretical background and knowledge of international trade flows and with concrete applications in managerial practice.

The objective of the Doing Business in Selected World Markets course is to familiarize students with the contemporary trends present in selected world markets (USA, Germany, France, Japan, China etc.). This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the business, political, economic, technological and socio-cultural aspects of the business environment. The theoretical concepts covered in the lectures are linked with applicable exercises in the form of seminars.

With regard to the IBB admission procedure, the program is designed for students from all over the world who have completed their secondary education. The application deadline is at the end of April each year. Applicants complete an entrance exam in a long-distance form. The procedure consists of an essay on a given economic topic and a motivation letter, both of which need to be written in English. Skype or phone interview in English is conducted with the applicants, who pass the written part of the exam. Tuition fee is 1800 EUR per semester. The deadline for applications for the 2015/2016 academic year is 30 April 2015.

Information meeting: 25 March 2015, 5 p.m., nám. W. Churchilla 4, Praha 3, Rajská building, 4th floor, room No 435.

For more details on the IBB program and contacts, please, visit http://ibb.vse.cz.