The first „Food Collection“ at VŠE

13 Apr

On April 21, on the eve of the International Earth day, the students and staff of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) will have the opportunity to join a Food Collection. The charitative event is organized by The Union of students of VŠE and student organization Oikos-Prague with the support of VŠE and in cooperation with the Food bank Prague. The event is also supported by others students organizations from VŠE. 

Food collection will take place at the University for the first time. The mission of the event is to draw attention to the issue of food waste on the one hand, and poverty, hunger and food insecurity on the other hand. The long-term vision of this event is to create a tradition of food collection organized by the students, the event which will be joined by as many universities in the Czech republic as possible.

The containers (collection points) will be placed in the campus of VŠE at Žižkov (betweet the canteens) and in the campus at Jižní město (nearby the entrance). The container will be also place  in the dormitories Vltava, Jarov I., Jarov III.G, Jarov III.F, Rooseveltova kolej.

On the 21st of April, the students and staff can bring to this collection points the food during all day. The only requirement for food is not expired expiration time on the day of donation. In the evening, the collected food will be taken by Food bank Prague, which will redistribute food among its customers. It means among 93 organizations as children’s homes, shelters, organizations caring for people with disabilities, but also to help flood victims, and others.

Students of VŠE want to demonstrate that they are not indifferent to the threatening situation of  irresponsible waste of food and food shortages. Food collection is an opportunity, how the students can donate food that would otherwise be thrown out, and at the same time it will help other people.

Do you know…

In Europe every year, as much tons of food are thrown away so that they would satisfied all the hungry people of the world twice.

Czech Republic was proclaimed in 2015, the first EU country in terms of volume ejected food by consumers.

30 percent of food produced in in the Czech republic is trashed. At the same time, 1,5 million people in the Czech republic is threaten by poverty and social exclusion.