The Study in Prague Project – Information about Prague’s universities in one place

4 May

Prague’s universities have launched a new website informing people about their international study programs in one common platform. Thank to this new project, foreign applicants wanting to study in Prague can easily find a list of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral  programs taught in English, information about studying in the Czech Republic in general, as well as about Czech culture and student life in Prague.

Five universities are participating in the project Study in Prague – The University of Economics, Prague, Charles University in Prague, the Czech Technical University in Prague, the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague and the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. Besides a new website, representatives of the five universities also participate together in international education fairs, so applicants from others European or Asian countries have the opportunity to ask about the study conditions in the Czech Republic.

The quality of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs offered by Prague’s universities is very high. For example, three of these universities, including the University of Economics, Prague, are ranked in the QS World University Rankings – one of the most prestigious international rankings of higher education institutions. Currently, the 800 best universities in the world are listed in the ranking. Additionally, Prague is very safe city; for example, the Czech Republic’s homicide rate is 0.8, much lower than the OECD average of 4.1 (Better Life Index). Prague also represents a very international and diverse society. Currently, there are well over 150 000 foreigners living in Prague (the total population is 1.2 million inhabitants). The capital of the Czech Republic is located in the heart of the Europe with a very rich history and culture — the historic center of Prague is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On our user friendly website, applicants from all over the world can also easily find out practical information about things such as visa, recognition of foreign diplomas, the health system in the Czech Republic, cost of living, etc.