VŠE opens an international MBA

12 May

In October 2015, the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) will open a new international MBA program taught fully in English. During their studies, students will spend some time at one of the partner universities – at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) or at the University of Liechtenstein.

The International MBA will be taught at the International School of Business and Management (ISBM) at the Faculty of Business Administration, VŠE. ISBM previously offered an MBA program taught mostly in Czech and partly in English. Starting in fall semester 2015/2016, the MBA program will be accessible for those who want to complete it fully in English. Thus, the MBA will also be accessible for foreign students and professionals. “We suppose that foreigners working in the Czech Republic will be interested in this program. In the Czech Republic, there are a lot of international companies which are looking for a first-rate education for their employees. And the University of Economics, Prague represents a proven institution for them because international companies are recruiting their employees from our university, and as my experience shows, companies are very satisfied with our graduates,” adds the rector of the University of Economics, Prague Professor Hana Machková. 

The International MBA has an international accreditation and Czech accreditation as well.

The International MBA is accredited by the association FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) and by CAMBAS (The Czech Association of MBA Schools), which is a member organization of EQUAL – European Quality Link by EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). The curriculum of the MBA program contains 10 modules, corresponding to the 10 main fields of study: Management Basics, HR Management, Framework of Economics, Corporate Governance, Marketing, Accounting, Taxation and Auditing, Financial Management, Information Management, Strategic Management, Business and Entrepreneurship. In addition, the curriculum contains a “Business project“ which permits the participants to convert their assimilated knowledge into practice through a work-oriented seminar. There is also a master’s thesis, which represents the quantification and qualification of the participant’s capabilities to undertake independent research and present results in a clear and systematic format. 

The MBA program provides education to meet the needs for managerial education within the framework of the current trends and the latest research results. The professors of VŠE, host professors and professionals with rich experience will teach the modules of the MBA program at the University of Economics, Prague. The tuition fee is 195 000 Czech crown excluding VAT, approximately 7 200 Eur.

There is a long tradition of MBA education at VŠE. In 1990, L’Institut Franco-Tchèque de Gestion (IFTG) was opened at VŠE. Every year, IFTG is attended by francophone students who get an MBA education there. It´s the only institution offering managerial education to francophone managers. IFTG is supported by the French embassy in the Czech Republic.

More information: isbm.vse.cz/english/