Soccer Day (ESN VŠE Praha – Buddy System)

18 May

The fourth annual Soccer Day organized by ESN VSE Prague in cooperation with the Organization for Refugees took place on May 8th in the sports campus near Jarov dormitories. It is a day full of relaxation, entertainment and great food.

The soccer tournament was attended by teams of Czech and foreign students from the University of Economics, Prague and from other Prague universities and also by a team composed of young refugees. The aim was to enjoy the sports atmosphere and offer all visitors the opportunity to try a variety of sports (from the trampoline, badminton, petanque, powerbocking, ping-pong, ninebots to archery), taste (not only) foreign specialties (this year it was the Armenian delicacies, Czech pancakes and sausages) and to create a space where can visitors spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Soccer Day through the common language of sport allows us to remove for a while the barriers which refugees and foreign students encounter in Prague.