Students of VŠE won the Freshhh competition 2015

1 Jun

On 28 May 2015 MOL Group announced the winners of the Freshhh competition. The top five teams out of 2,210 international teams compete against each other at the live final event in Budapest, Hungary. The team “Just ask Siri” with three students from the University of Economics of Prague and Czech Technical University is ranked as the top team of the international online competition Freshhh in 2015. 

In 2015 the top five teams named “Chunters”, “Decore”, “Just Ask Siri”, “Oil’s Creed” and “Upright Solutions” from Croatia, Slovakia/Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and Slovenia reached the live final event. The students from different scientific fields, varying from chemical engineering to mathematics, had to face different real-life challenges during the three rounds of the competition. They had to build up a new oil corporation from the ground and make decisions on research and development projects to find rich reservoirs, build a refinery for different products and find the best product portfolio to make profit. The top three teams now get the opportunity to join MOL Group.

The first prize goes to the “Just Ask Siri” team Filip Biznár (University of Economics of Prague, CEMS), Petr Boroš (University of Economics of Prague, CEMS) andJakub Kubiš (Czech Technical University).

Second place goes to Oil’s Creed from Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Corvinus University of Budapest, and the third place goes to “Decor” team from Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the University of Ljubljana.

The top three teams get the opportunity to join MOL Group and the top 3 teams also receive a grand prize of 25,000 Euro.

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