Another step to enhance the prestige of scientific articles published in the journals of VŠE

29 Jun

In May, the University of Economics, Prague became a member of the CrossRef agency that manages the centralized system of identifiers of the works accessible in digital form on the Internet (DOI). The implementation of the DOI system aims at improving the publishing practice of impacted scientific journals published by the University of Economics, leading to an increased citations of published scientific articles.

Since June the University has launched allocating DOI. The Prague Economic Papers journal was the first one to join this system – its articles will be released at first in on-line version on the website of the journal (i.e., and then published in print version in individual numbers of this journal. Since August, the DOI system will introduced also for articles published in the Politická ekonomie journal.

Digital Object Identifier is a unique identifier of digital object available through digital networks (e.g. of a scientific article on the web). Similarly to the ISBN/ISSN that uniquely identify globally printed books/journals, DOI system uniquely identifies digital objects on the global Internet.