Rector of the VŠE Elected to the Board of Management of EIASM

5 Oct

On 1st October, 2015, the Rector of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE), Professor Hana Machková, was unanimously elected to the Board of Management of EIASM – the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management. Professor Machková was elected to a three year term of office. The VŠE is the only university from the CEE region with a representative amongst the top management of this prestigious association. 

EIASM was founded in 1971 and it is based in Brussels. Since its foundation, EIASM has dedicated itself to raising the profile of European management research, as well as supporting doctoral study programs in the area of management. EIASM‘s network currently comprises more than 45,000 registered members who are professionally involved in management research and/or teaching. EIASM brings together 90 universities, research institutes and business schools from 20 European countries. The VŠE is a longtime member and it is, so far, the only Czech institution represented in EIASM. “I am very honored to have been elected to the Board of Management of the institution which contributes to the quality of European management education and research,” Professor Machková said. “My election is a sign of the recognition of the excellent reputation of the VŠE abroad. All of EIASM’s board members mostly work at top schools of economics and management; so, the fact that these people, now my new colleagues; have seen fit to elect the Rector of the VŠE to the board suggests that the VŠE’s international renown is growing. Our membership in the governing structures of such international organizations as EIASM brings us closer to the achievement of our goal, which is to take a leading position in the management and economic education market in the CEE region, as well as to become even more well known as an internationally respected research university,” Professor Machková added.

The Managing Board of EAISM for the next three years:


Professor Chris CHAPMAN
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


Professor Tammo BIJMOLT
University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Professor Marie-Laure DJELIC
ESSEC Business School, France

Honorary president:

Professor Per-Jonas ELIAESON
Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden


Dr Gerardine DOYLE
University College Dublin, Ireland

Professor Robert FAFF
The University of Queensland, Australia

Professor Cristina GIMENEZ THOMSEN
ESADE Business School, Spain

Professor Martin HILB
University of St Gallen, Switzerland

Professor Jean-Fabrice LEBRATY
IAE Lyon and FNEGE, France

Professor Hana MACHKOVÁ
University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic

Professor Dr Kathrin MOESLEIN
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Professor Eero VAARA
Aalto University School of Business, Finland

Professor Marno VERBEEK
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Professor Eric CORNUEL
EFMD, Belgium


Managing Director: Ms Nicole COOPMAN


•     to strengthen European management research in general

•     to encourage and facilitate the initiation and co-ordination of joint scientific research in management led by outstanding European researchers

•     to stimulate interaction among management scholars in Europe

•     to enhance the development and the quality of doctoral student education in the field of management in Europe


In order to fulfil its mission EIASM:

•     develops and sustains collaborative networks of European management scholars

•     organises conferences, seminars and workshops on both state-of-the-art and path-breaking scientific research

•     offers doctoral seminars and other activities to strengthen the education of a new generation of European management scholars


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