The First VŠE Foreign Alumni Club

18 Nov

The University of Economics, Prague, has a number of graduates who have successfully found professional fulfilment abroad. The first International Club of the VŠE; Alumni Austria, was established on 9th November, 2015, in Austria. Pavel Pachta, CSc., a graduate of the Faculty of Business, was elected president of the club.

The aim of the club is to promote networking among alumni, as well as to disseminate up to date information about the activities of University of Economics, Prague. The club was established with the approval and support of the Rector of the University of Economics, Prof. Ing. Hana Machková, CSc. The VSE has also provided the official logo of the club.

Ing. Jan Kaliberka became the club president’s deputy for the younger generation, while Dr. Markus Vesely became the representative for the Austrian students who have studied at least one semester at the VŠE. Ing. Marie Pachtová, CSc. is secretary of the club.

Alumni Club Austria launched a website:

VŠE thanks its graduates for this form of support for its reputation abroad!

Photo: President of VŠE Alumni Austria Ing. Pavel Pachta, CSc.

President of VŠE Alumni Austria Ing. Pavel Pachta, CSc.