Opening of the Reading Points of Hospodářské Noviny at the VŠE

25 Jan

On Monday, 25th January, 2016, the ceremonial opening of the new Reading Points took place at the University of Economics. Thanks to the VŠE’s partnership with the publishing house, Economia, as well as with the company, KMPG, the print version of the newspaper Hospodářské Noviny is available on a daily basis at the university. The Rector, Prof. Hana Machková, the CEO of the publishing house, Economia, Roman Latuske, the Head of News, Vladimír Piskáček, the Editor in Chief, Martin Jašminský, the Head of Special Projects, Petr Orálek, KPMG’s Director of HR, Hana Velíšková, as well as KMPG’s Director of Marketing, Roman Maco all took part in the opening ceremony.

Thanks to this partnership, students now have free access to all the economic news from a very important publisher of economic and other news items of professional interest.

There have been established three KMPG Reading Points in cooperation with Hospodářské Noviny at the University of Economics, Prague. The classic newspaper holders, used in coffee shops, have been provided.

NB – 4th Floor, on the right hand side of the relaxing zone
Reading Point NB

SB – 1st Floor, relaxing zone
Reading Point SB

RB – 1st Floor, corner of the relaxing zone
Reading Point RB

Moreover, every working day, students can take copies of Hospodářské Noviny for free. Approximately 100 copies are available every day in the KMPG stands in the area of cloakroom or the library.

Over 4,000 students and academic staff of the University of Economics, Prague, have already received free access to the electronic version of Hospodářské Noviny.

Reading Point RB