Doctoral Studies at VŠE

18 Apr

The University of Economics, Prague offers nine doctoral study programmes in 16 branches. Most of the study branches are carried out in English as well. One of the programmes – Computational Economics and Finance is taught in cooperation with ČVUT. There are two modes of study: full-time or a combination of full-time and part-time (combined studies).

With regard to doctoral study conditions, all the pertinent information can be found in the booklet Study and Examination Regulations for the Doctoral Degree Study Programmes of the University of Economics, Prague. This booklet, together with the Doctoral Studies Brochure give students a complete understanding of doctoral studies, which is the first step in a student’s research career, as well as an overview of the study requirements.

In order to complete the doctoral studies, it is necessary to successfully pass four compulsory subjects in accordance with the requirements of the various faculties. In addition, the academic advisor recommends further two courses, taken from among the electives, to a student depending on his/her specialization. Students also have to publish the results of their research activities in reviewed, scientific magazines. The standard length of doctoral studies is three years. After successfully completing their studies, students are required to pass a state doctoral examination, which is a prerequisite to defending the candidate’s doctoral dissertation.

With regard to the admission requirements and procedure, doctoral study programmes are offered to students from all over the world. Admission to a doctoral study programme is conditional upon the proper completion of studies in a master’s study programme. Those who have completed their education abroad must have both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees recognized in the Czech Republic. It is necessary to pass the entrance exams; each faculty has its own requirements. The application form for admission to study is submitted electronically. The appendix to the application is submitted together with the required enclosures in written form. The application deadline for the 2016/2017 academic year is May 15, 2016.

The tuition fee for the studies in a doctoral programme carried out in a language other than Czech (“Programme for foreigners”) is 5 000 EUR per year.

All information about the admission’s procedure and tuition fees, the application form, information on the recognition of higher education and qualifications acquired abroad as well as an overview of the doctoral study programs and offered topics can be found on this webpage