Czech Students have Delivered a Unique piece of Equipment for CERN

8 Jul

The Company Nuledo s.r.o., founded in 2015 by Valery Mezentsev; a student of the Faculty of Business Administration at University of Economics, Prague; together with his colleague, Ondřej Zbytek, from the Czech Technical University (ČVUT), have been enjoying extraordinary success with their efforts. The company’s goal was to become a world leader in providing the most advanced technologies for teaching and demonstrating, as well as radiation detection devices, and now it can be said that they have already achieved their objective.

Nuledo’s activities follow the four-year development of unique world-class equipment – a cloud chamber, which preceded the establishment of the company. In 2014, in fact, Valery and his team succeeded, while still students of Opatov Grammar School in Prague 4, to construct the first ever Czech cloud chamber, which is a unique device for monitoring radioactivity. “During construction of the cloud chamber it turned out that in addition to technical knowledge, it is necessary to have perfect financing, reliable partners and suppliers, operating management system, and more besides. Thanks to all that it was the first time I realized that regardless of the type of project it will never be possible to proceed it without the knowledge and skills to manage it economically,” Valery describs the reason he decided he wanted to devote himself to business economics as a student of the University of Economics, Prague.

Once the team was approached by CEO of the European Organization for Nuclear Research – CERN, Professor Rolf Dieter Heuer, with an interest on the production of custom cloud chamber, Valery Mezentsev, and his colleague from ČVUT, Ondřej Zbytek, decided to establish their own company Nuledo. Already in the first months of their business life, they managed to establish a strong partnership with the multinational company, Nuvia; a leader in the field of nuclear energy. After a year of hard work the most advanced cloud chamber in the world was produced and delivered to CERN.

Since June 2016, the cloud chamber attracts daily at the Microcosm exhibition in Geneva over 650 visitors from around the world, and represents the Czech Republic as the only Czech exhibit. Nuledo‘s founders thus became the youngest people in history who have ever supplied CERN with such complex equipment. Nuledo’s cloud chamber is currently the most advanced device of its kind to be used in teaching, demonstrating and popularizing Particle and Nuclear Physics.

To see the cloud chamber and its functions, you can view the video here.