VŠE in cooperation with Google Czech Republic launches education portal for exporters

16 Aug

The University of Economics, Prague (VŠE), in cooperation with Google Czech Republic and other partners, is launching a beta-version of the ExportGuru.cz portal. The aim of this portal is to present the main areas of exporting to both novice and mildly experienced exporters. The patrons of the project are the Director of Google Czech Republic, Taťána le Moigne, and the Rector of the VŠE, Professor Hana Machková.

According to VSE Rector, Hana Machková: „The Czech export portal is of vital importance for the small and open Czech economy. In 2015 this country’s exports achieved a record-breaking value of about 4 trillion Czech Crowns], and in order to continue the trend towards the participation of smaller companies in exporting, this portal is badly needed. As a leading university in the field of economics we perceive it as our mission to raise awareness regarding this key part of Czech economy, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to take part in this project along with Google and other partners.“ The portal’s content is focused on two main areas; export marketing and export operations. It also provides up to date information about activities which are of interest to exporters.

The portal offers useful information for exporters regarding:

  • export strategies;
  • market surveys;
  • information on taxes, customs and other legal regulations;
  • logistics and insurance;
  • delivery and payment conditions;
  • legal issues connected to exporting;
  • financing export;
  • export terms.

Emphasis is also put on digital marketing, which has been responsible for changes in the export environment during recent years. The export manager of Google, Jan Poštulka, has written on this topic in the portal.

“In the past, exporting used to be the privilege of the biggest and richest companies. Thanks to the internet, foreign commerce has become unprecedentedly easier, thus allowing small and medium sized enterprises to participate in the foreign trade. This represents a great opportunity for the small export-oriented Czech economy. Therefore, we want to support Czech exporters through the education in digital marketing, which is so important nowadays“.

This portal can be found on www.exportguru.cz. The content will be regularly expanded upon, and updated, with further specializations and multimedia records (export workshops and conferences).

The portal was established together with AMSP, CzechTrade, Zásilkovna, uLab, Bird&Bird and other companies.