Second year of xPORT Business Accelerator: Updates and upcoming events

10 Nov

The xPORT Business Accelerator focuses on the connection between the academic and business environments. It shows that at the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) it is not only about learning how to do business, but also about how to put theory into practise.

The xPORT Business Accelerator is helping innovative teams to create startups that remain competitive in the marketplace. It offers professional guidance and an environment suitable for the further development of more advanced teams in order to help them to attract new clients. In October 2016, the xPORT has adopted its 40th team and at the moment, there are nearly 20 experts from various fields engaged on a mentoring basis, who are willing to give advice and share their abundant experience.

Under the xPORT the most talented students of VŠE are involved in doing innovative business projects for well-known and successful companies. It has already established cooperation with, and implemented projects for, Česká Spořitelna (xPORT is launching a new Ambassador program in November 2016), Českomoravská stavební spořitelna, (several innovative days of the past year have grown into the preparation of a completely new financial product), MSD and TopEkos.

Every first Tuesday of the month the Open House day takes place in xPORT. During this day everyone can come and present his/her idea, which is then discussed among the xPORT team with a focus on how xPORT can possibly help to transform this idea into a startup. The main goal is to provide an opportunity for every business with high potential, regardless of its specialization. Diverse projects are incubating nowadays – from protein bars with cricket flour (Sens Food), through online portals selling real estate (Zendoro) and vehicles (Vehicle), to projects of group financing (Crowdholding). Moreover, three startups (Solvica, Techambition, Teleportoo) appeared in the summer issue of Forbes Next as one of the 50 Czech best startups. You can see the whole list of all the current xPORT projects here.

Regarding the upcoming events, the Workshop about Online Marketing with one of the xPORT mentors, Michal Kuba from PTA Group, will be held in xPORT on Thursday, 22th of November, 2016.

For anybody interested in xPORT accelerator, and the opportunities it offers, xPORT staff will be present at the VŠE in the Rajská Building (Italská Street) on 1st of December, 2016, and will be ready to answer all questions

On the evening of 5th of December, you can meet xPORT managers and some teams in incubation. A lecture on Life in a Business Accelerator, where the most successful teams from xPORT will speak about their beginnings, their failures and achievements, as well as about the xPORT startup community, will be held at VŠE.

On the next day, 6th of December, there will be the last Open House in xPORT of this year. Anyone who has an innovative idea and would like to discuss it with the xPORT team, can register here.