Master of International Business – Central European Business Realities

23 Jan

One of the first master´s degree programs taught in English at the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) is the Master of International Business – Central European Business Realities program (IB).

The IB Program is operating for the 14th academic year and despite its exclusivity, its worldwide alumni network covers about 300 contacts. The IB Program examines the specifics of the Central European business environment within the framework of the increasing trends of globalization. It provides students with a comprehensive business education in the main fields of economics, management, finance, marketing and negotiations.

The objective of the IB program is to prepare professionals highly specialized in the fields of management and leadership within the multicultural entrepreneurial environment. It provides students with in-depth knowledge as well as soft skills reflecting both global and specific Central European economic and business trends. The program is suitable for students with the ability to think both theoretically and analytically, and those who has ability and flexibility to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. The study requirements include advanced knowledge of English, understanding of international processes in their complexity, effective team-work and motivation to work in the international, multicultural environment.

Graduates are equiped with strong management abilities, including an interdisciplinary approach to the management of complex processes in the European and namely Central European markets. They are able to bridge and apply the theoretical approaches in practical applications, to analyze regional European markets in connection with their national and historical connotations and in global framework, to develop sustainable business strategies tailored to European realities, to consider the financial aspects of their decisions and to successfully apply intercultural differences in various negotiations and human resources management.

A very unique aspect of the IB Program is its double degree program. Students are offered the possibility to spend their second academic year at one of our four double degree partner universities; these include the University of Lyon Business & Management School (France), University of Applied Science in Mainz (Germany), Management Center Innsbruck (Austria), Linnæus University (Sweden), SGH Warsaw (Poland), Vaasa university (Finland) and International University Geneva (Switzerland). Students who complete all the requirements may graduate with degrees (a double degree) from both the Czech and host universities. The University of Economics, Prague also maintains an active network of study abroad partner universities; IB students are also eligible to apply for these one semester exchange program opportunities if they are interested. Regardless of where IB students choose to spend their second year of studies, all IB students including incoming double degree students benefit from being thoroughly integrated into a highly international study environment at the University of Economics, Prague. A strong aspect of the IB Program is its highly diverse student body and worldwide alumni network.

To complete the program, students must pass a study load of 120 European Credits (ECTS). The IB Program offers courses within the sphere of international business, including economics, finance, marketing, business strategies, international trade, management and intercultural negotiations. There are also language courses within the curriculum as well as a business practices specialization; in addition, students may choose from several electives according to their particular area of interest.

In terms of international recognition of the IB diploma, it has been awarded by the EPAS accreditation of the European Foundation of Management Development that attests the high quality of the IB Program. In terms of diploma recognition, the Master of IB is a Czech national degree awarded by the University of Economics, Prague. The diploma supplement is provided with the EPAS, ECTS and DS labels by the European Union.

With regard to the IB admission procedure, the program is designed for students from all over the world who have completed their bachelor’s education. Previous education in business is an advantage but is not obligatory. Excellent English is required and must be proven by an appropriate language certificate. Applicants complete an entrance exam in long-distance form. They are required to send an essay in English on a given economics issue and a letter of motivation. The tuition fee is 3 600 EUR per academic year.

The application deadline for the 2017/2018 academic year is April 30, 2017.

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