Rector’s Sports Day 2017

5 Apr

On Wednesday, 26th of April, the Rector’s Sports Day will take place. This day, filled with sports activities for both students and employees of the University of Economics, Prague, has been organized by the Center for Sports and Physical Education. Those interested in participating can sign up with the individual sports event coordinators.

Both individual and team sports events will take place at this year’s sports day! This year’s novelties are, for example, night badminton at the Třebešín Sports Hall, or yoga lessons and crossfit training, which will be held in the Zizkov campus of the University of Economics, Prague.

No classes will be held during the Rector’s Sports Day.


Mixed Teams Beach Volleyball Tournament

Mixed Teams Basketball Tournament

  • Place: Sports Hall of the University of Economics, Prague in Třebešín
  • Meeting: 12:30, tournament start: 13:00; tournament end: 16:00
  • Capacity: 4 mixed teams of five members each (3+2)
  • Tournament rules: round-robin tournament: 2 periods of 10 minutes
  • Details and sign up:

Floorball Tournament

  • For players of all skill levels
  • Place: Sports Hall of the University of Economics, Prague in Třebešín
  • Start: 13:00
  • Rules: Without goalkeepers; small rink; 2 men + 1 woman; game time and schedule: TBA. Possible to borrow floorball sticks and balls at the venue
  • Each team provides 1 referee (can be one of the players)
  • Details and sign up:

Soccer Tournament

Roller-skates + swimming

  • Roller-skate trip; route: Podolí – Zbraslav – Podolí, with swimming
  • Time schedule:

8:45 meeting in the parking lot of the Botel Racek in Podolí

9:00 – 11:00 roller-skating

11:00 – 12:00 swimming at the Swimming Pool, Podolí

  • Equipment: your own roller-skates; helmet; protective gear + swimming suit; soap; towel
  • Details:

Tennis Tournament

  • Place: Tennis courts of the University of Economics, Prague in Třebešín
  • Doubles tournament for employees and students
  • Number of available places might be restricted if there are too many participants
  • Bring your own tennis balls
  • Meeting and draw: 9:00 at the reception of the Třebešín Sports Hall. (Tournament will only take place if the courts will be in a good condition.)
  • Sign up: until 24th of April, 2017 with

Walking Trip for Employees and Students

  • We invite all employees and students of the University of Economics, Prague for a traditional walking trip.
  • Meeting: at 10:00 at the tram loop near Braník station
  • Route: The whole route will follow the green tourist sign; from Braník, through Hodkovičky, Lhotka, Kamýk, the Modřany Valley, and the forest of Komořany, near Točná airport and on to the Zizkov campus of the University of Economics, Prague. Estimated length of the trip: 13 km; overall elevation difference: 400 m uphill and 250 m downhill. You can look the trip route up at: Maps – planning – by walk – start “nádr. Braník”, goal “Točná”
  • Refreshment on the way at the “U Krychle” inn in Lhotka.
  • There will be snacks at the end of the trip at the Zizkov campus of the University of Economics, Prague (Courtesy of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics).

Kayaking on the Sázava River

  • Kayaking on the Sázava river between Týnec nad Sázavou and Pikovice (WWII – 16 km, canoe, kayak – double sit on top)
  • Equipment: clothing and footwear appropriate for kayaking (it is recommended to borrow neoprene, depending on the weather forecast)
  • The Center for Sports and Physical Education provides boats, oars as well as vests, and waterproof barrels for belongings
  • Meeting: at 10:15, Týnec nad Sázavou (next to Bisport)
  • Details and sign up: until 23rd of April, 2017 with

Mixed Teams Volleyball Tournament

  • Place: Sports Hall of the University of Economics, Prague in Třebešín
  • Time schedule: from 8:00 to 13:00 (teams’ meeting at 8:00, start of the tournament at 9:30)
  • Rules: mixed teams 4 M + 2 W; there can be more women
  • Skill level: higher
  • Sign up: J. Musilová – (please, include the team name on the application)
  • Tournament rules will be determined based on the number of applications received

Fencing Lesson

  • Place: The Jarov grounds (below the cafeteria)
  • Time Schedule: from 8:30 to 11:30
  • Beginners are welcome (fencing basics and equipment will be provided)
  • Details: Dan Kašpar,

Night Badminton at Třebešín

  • Place: Na Třebešíně 1, Prague 3, the University of Economics, Prague Sports Hall
  • Time Schedule: 20:00 – 22:00
  • Tournament Rules: just friendly matches (both single and doubles)
  • Sign up: until 24th April, 2017 at
  • In the case of there being a higher number of applicants, those who signed up earlier might get preference.
  • Equipment: Best if you have your own. We can borrow a limited amount of equipment

Crossfit Training

  • Place: Gym in the Old Building
  • Time Schedule: 9:30 – 11:30
  • Lectors: Gabriela Čermáková and Michal Fabián
  • Sign up: