MBA studies at the University of Economics, Prague

3 May

For those interested in earning the professional degree, MBA (Master of Business administration), the University of Economics, Prague, is offering, in the academic year 2017/2018, following MBA study programmes.

French MBA Programme

CAMBAS Since 1990, the French-Czech Institute of Management (IFTG) at the University of Economics, Prague, has been offering the French MBA programme. This programme is taught partly in Czech, and partly in French. The programme is accredited in France (iaelyon, School of Management) and the Czech Republic (CAMBAS). Graduates of the programme will receive a French diploma accredited by the Ministry of National Education, France, which allows them to work in France without any further recognition needed, and MBA diploma from the University of Economics, Prague.

The application deadline is May 9, 2017.

International executive MBA program at the Faculty of Business Administration

EQUIS You may also apply for the MBA programme taught at the Faculty of Business Administration, which based on the prestigious EQUIS accreditation ranks among the Top 1% of Business Schools worldwide. The Faculty established the International School of Business and Management (ISBM) with the MBA programme that enhances the participants profile through the acquired field-related knowledge, comprehension of contemporary trends and the demands of managerial practice.

The MBA program of the ISBM ranked third among the best business schools in Eastern Europe in 2015-2016 ranking and ISBM is repeatedly recognized by EDUNIVERSAL. It has also been evaluated by the Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS), that embodies the leading MBA schools in the Czech Republic.

The application deadline for the study year 2017/2018 is extended until June 15, 2017.

MBA – International Business at the Faculty of International Relations

MBA – International Business program is an Executive Master program, which is developed in cooperation of University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) and Management Centre Innsbruck (MCI) in the framework of a consistent innovation and internationalization strategy. It is an innovative study program, designed to support early- and mid-career professionals around the globe who want to develop their management competencies, leadership skills and intercultural experience. The system of blended learning enables the student to pursue their career while studying at the same time. Internationally recognized academics share their knowledge with students through mentorship in order to achieve present study goals and in consequence success in the market place.

This Master program is differentiated from its peers through its flexibility and mobility, forefront ways of teaching, imminent relevancy of acquired knowledge, cross-cultural suitability and high degree of acceptance by the international business community.

Application deadline is July 30, 2017.