The University of Economics, Prague, and the Hewlett Packard Corporation have signed a Partnership Agreement

21 Jun

The CEO of the Hewlett Packard Corporation (HPC), Lukáš Najman, the Rector of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE), Prof. Hana Machková, and the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) of the VŠE, Prof. Ivan Nový, have signed a partnership agreement today.

The Hewlett Packard Corporation is a multinational corporation with its key business focus on the complex IT infrastructure. As a result of the agreement, students of the VŠE will have better access to information regarding career opportunities in the HPC. The firm is hiring fresh graduates, who will enter a complex 2-year graduate program, during which they will undergo various levels of training, as well as gaining knowledge and experience in the fields of trade and business. Furthermore, the HPC will become a main partner to the FBA’s Honors Academia program, as well as to the faculty’s minor specialization: Sales Management.

The HPC’s new partnership with the VŠE was partly facilitated by the initiative of a VŠE graduate, Vít Berger, who was president of the ESN Buddy System during his studies. “I am very glad that we are able to continuously establish institutionalized partnerships with leading enterprises. The current trend, as it is with the HPC, is to target projects related to a certain faculty. The Faculty of Business Administration’s Honors Academia project deserves the partnership, as it helps the VŠE’s young, talented, Master’s students to further hone their skills. I am also pleased that a former president of our Buddy System, which is one of the biggest and most active student organizations at the VŠE; which takes care of inbound foreign students, thus contributing to the internationalization of the school; has found success and has not forsaken his alma mater,” says the Rector of the University of Economics, Prague, Hana Machková, when speaking about the newly established cooperation.