Prof. Hana Machková elected Rector of VŠE for the second time

16 Oct

On Monday 16th October 2017, at the University of Economics, Prague, Prof. Hana Machková was elected as the university’s Rector for the second time. In a secret ballot, she received from VŠE’s Academic Senate 16 votes.

Prof. Machkova was the only candidate in the elections. She publicly introduced her program goals on Thursday 5th October 2017 in the Vencovského Aula at VŠE. Academic representatives from the Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec were able to join the presentations through remote broadcasting to their faculty. The candidate was also present during the Academic Senate meeting on the day of election in order to answer questions of individual representatives of the Senate.

The university president is elected by VŠE’s Academic Senate via secret ballot; a maximum of three rounds occurs. A candidate is elected Rector when obtaining an absolute majority of votes from all of the members of the Academic Senate. The Rector is elected for a four-year period, and the same person is allowed to be in office only for two consecutive terms. The Rector appoints vice-Rectors to represent her in certain areas.

The Academic Senate has 29 voting members. Prof. Machková was elected by an absolute majority of 16 votes in the first round.

“It is a great honor for me to become the Rector of VŠE for the second term of office,” the Rector said immediately after the election. “VŠE has decided to shift from quantity to quality and our common goal is to become leaders in the area of management and economic education in Central Europe. My main priority for the 2018-2022 term of office is to obtain National Institutional Accreditation for the field of education in economics and international institutional accreditation AACSB. Obtaining accreditations is a prerequisite for further strengthening of the reputation of VŠE and hence the competitiveness of the school both in the Czech Republic and abroad.”

The VŠE Rector should be appointed by the president of the Czech Republic based on the proposal of the Academic Senate of VŠE.