The Faculty of Economics has elected a new Dean

6 Apr

The Academic Senate of the Faculty of Economics has elected Prof. Zdeněk Chytil as the new dean on 5th April of 2018. He will succeed Miroslav Ševčík in the role, who’s acting period will be finished after 30th June of 2018. Four candidates had entered the elections overall.

Zdeněk Chytil graduated in Political Economics at the University of Economics in Prague. He was named a Professor of Economics in June 2017. After finishing his research assistantship at the University of Economics, he proceeded to work as a researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague. He worked as a chargé d´affaires at an embassy and the director of the Department for Central and Eastern Europe at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the turn of 80s and 90s. Chytil dedicated himself to business activities since 1992.

In 1997, Chytil has returned to his career of teacher and researcher at the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economical Theories as a part-timer and in 2000 he accepted a full-time job at the Department of Macroeconomics (later renamed to Department of Economics), where he works to this day. Simultaneously, he took the role of Vice-Dean for Foreign Affairs and later Vice-Dean for Public Relations and Foreign Affairs of the Faculty of Economics. The focus of his research work is analysis of economic policies of develop countries, the problematics of national debt, international finance markets, international financial institutions, transformation of economical systems of Central European countries, the endogenous money theory and analysis of tasks and functions of central banks in Post-Keynes monetary and financial theory. Chytil is the author of university textbooks, author or co-author of 10 books and an author of several research papers. He published in impacted journals and scientific reviewed journals. He made an appearance on the stages of numerous international conferences and seminars on the topics of financial markets, transformation of economies and sub-regional cooperation.