Summer schools at VŠE

14 May

This summer the International Office of the University of Economics, Prague, organises two summer schools. Another summer school is organised within the CESP programme and two summer schools for international students led by the Faculty of International Relations also take place this summer at VŠE.

International office

Two summer schools for partner universities take place during May and June, led by the International Office. The first one is a four-week programme for undergraduate students from Arizona State University. The programme has been organised for thirteen years now and its main focus is “International Business”.

The second summer school is a four-week programme for students of the University of Texas, in Austin. One group focuses on “Organisational Behaviour”, while the second on “Doing Business”. Both are taught by VŠE lecturers together with American professors accompanying their groups of 30 and 40 students. In addition to the classes, field trips and lectures by business specialists are included.


Within the CESP (Central and East European Studies Programme) framework, a summer university also takes place. It offers intensive versions of basic CESP courses. The courses, taught in English, include business practicalities, business communication and culture. The term consists of four courses offered and students can choose to study one to three of them.

Summer University 2018 offers the following courses:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Marketing Communications with an Emphasis on Central Europe
  • European Cultural History and its Impact on Central Europe
  • International Business in the Global Environment

Tuition fee: 1 300 EUR

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Faculty of International Relations

The Faculty of International Relations organises two summer schools for international students.

A four-week summer school taught in Spanish is organised by the Department of Romance Languages. It is called “Relacoines Comerciales entre América Latina y la Unión Europea” and in June two groups of students from Mexico will take part in it. Two courses are taught within this summer school: Trade relations between Latin America and the European Union, and International Trade and International Policy.

The summer school of the Department of Retailing and Commercial Communications also takes place at VŠE.

Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration holds a summer school “Design for the business of change” from July 1 to July 13, 2018 at the premises of the University of Economics, Prague. The summer school will provide an overview of social entrepreneurship by looking into societal problems they address and innovative business models to tackle them. Students will also be introduced to the key methodological and epistemic instruments of design and ethnography in order to conduct ethnographic fieldwork and design new strategies.

Tuition fee: 1 650 EUR. Registration for summer school is required.

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