12th International Conference of Young Scholars, Prague

20 May

On Thursday, 29 May 2008, the 12th session of the Conference of Young Scholars called “Crucial Problems of International Relations through the Eyes of Young Scholars” will be held at the University of Economics, Prague (UEP).

The Conference is organized by internal doctoral students of the Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies, with the support of the Faculty of International Relations of the UEP (FIR), the Centre of European Studies, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, and the Czech United Nations Association. For the second time, the Conference takes place within the framework of the Research Plan of the FIR "Governance in Context of Globalised Economy and Society".

Thus, doctoral students get a twofold opportunity – they make a presentation at the Conference and their paper is published in a reviewed collection; they also get precious experience organizing an international conference. The aim of the Conference is to support the mutual exchange of ideas and experience of (doctoral) students of International Relations, coming particularly from European countries, in the current dynamically evolving system of international relations. Additionally, the encounter can be used to obtain precious contacts with people of similar research orientation, and can help create practical working relations between young people from many countries.

The opening ceremony with the presence of representatives of the FIR and other cooperating institutions will be held on 29 May 2008 from 9:30 in room 212 in Rajská budova; the Conference itself will then take place from 10:00 to 17:45 in rooms 230-234 in Stará budova.

The Conference is also open to all students and teachers from the UEP, as well as to those interested from the public. The conference language is English only.

More information on the Conference program and this year\’s topics is available at icys.vse.cz.