UEP became a member to CIDD

17 Jun

CIDD (Consorcium of International Double Degrees) is a non-government consortium associating public and private universities of economics and business schools, which offer international education in business and at the same, enable students to finish their studies with double degree diploma.


CIDD is registered as "association" in Paris.

The CIDD´s goal is internationalization of business education, increasing international experience of students and teachers, through mutually agreed programs and courses, and awarding double degree diplomas according to high standards of education.
CIDD promotes contacts among universities and enterprises, through students´ internship programs and through integrating companies´ representatives and practitioners into lectures.

University of Economics, Prague, joint CIDD with its English taught program International Business – Central European Business Realities. The double degree agreements are signed with the IAE Lyon 3, France and with the Fachhochschule Mainz, Germany. The double degree agreements that follow EU ruling in this field, opens to students a rare opportunity to study one year of the Program in Prague and the second at any of partner university and to be awarded by diplomas of both universities.

In the International Business Program are enrolled 30 students from all over the world in the current second year of study and 30 applicants will be admitted in to the first year starting from the academic year 2008/09.