CEMS celebrates the 20th anniversary

27 Nov

CEMS, one of the most appreciated projects of international cooperation among universities and international companies celebrates the 20th anniversary of its establishment. On this occasion the University of Economics, Prague commemorates the 10th anniversary of its membership in the CEMS alliance.

CEMS – Community of European Management Schools and International Companies – was established in 1988 by Western universities, which decided to transform their cooperation from student exchange to a higher form as they started to provide common M.A. programme – Master in International Management. A close cooperation with corporate partners has been a specific feature of the programme since its very beginning.

In the second half of the 1990ś three universities from the Central Europe – University of Economics, Prague, CUB from Hungary and SGH from Poland – joined the strategic alliance of CEMS. As a reaction to globalization the CEMS alliance is expected to include universities from Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Singapore as well as Russia. Their membership will be declared on November 29, 2008 at a meeting of the Strategic committee in Paris. By this decision the CEMS project will become a global project, including 23 universities from around the world and more than 60 multinational companies.

Beside the common M.A. programme (CEMS MIM), which was in 2008 evaluated by the Financial Times magazine as the third best European programme in management education, the universities cooperate on various projects. The cooperation includes traditional programmes of student exchange, participation of professors in Interfaculty Groups, hosting of professors, realization of common publications and cooperation on research and Ph.D. studies as well as support for humanitarian projects.

More information can be found at cemsmim.vse.cz/english.